Adelaide is a wonderful place to work, live & invest. It is recognized as one of the most affordable capital cities in Australia to live and work. Adelaide is getting driven forward as an internationally competitive urban hub with advancing sectors of retail, tourism, education, health, professional services, entrepreneurial, commercial and residential property development sectors.


Adelaide CBD population has doubled within 15 years from 25,000 to 50,000 which creates and an urgent need for new development, infrastructure and services. It is estimated that every day 120,000 skilled people populate the city who support 5,500+ Adelaide businesses. Every year 5.7 million visitors to South Australia strengthen the vibrant activity of Adelaide City.


Adelaide is world’s 5th most liveable city. It’s natural environment comprising of being surrounded by beaches, hills, native vegetation and farming land makes Adelaide a wonderful place to live and visit. Other factors which contribute to Adelaide’s rating are; festival galore that make Adelaide home to some of Australia’s most popular sporting and art events, urban makeover that comprises of major developments across the city and its parklands, boutique shopping which includes unique shopping experience, wine country which includes world’s renowned wine districts and beautiful beaches that comprise more than 3,800 km of stunning coastline.


Adelaide is expected to have 2 million people by 2050 and it needs 240,000 more dwellings by 2050.


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