Investment Property Sales





  • Pay less tax: There is a possibility of reducing yearly tax component that you pay by engaging in property investment. Tax can be legally reduced to zero.
  • Build your wealth: Our clever strategies will help you to minimise your taxes, maximise your gain & build investment portfolio without having much impact on your weekly budget.
  • Use your Superannuation: We will give you an opportunity to invest your superannuation in a property. We will provide you with a property that will give you returns upon your retirement.




  • We do better than others: We carefully select properties from areas with a high-quality tenant base, where the property’s price reflects its true value to ensure our client’s secure investment. Any property that we sell meets our strictly listed criteria.
  • Extensive market research done by our experts: For every property we sell, we experts do an extensive research with information that we collect about market fluctuations, property trends, property growth factors and population growth data.
  • Opportunities for Turnkey Investments: We tailor special packages to suit our customer’s needs and requirements which provide the best outlook structure for investing in property.
  • Opportunities in Pre-Public Properties: We do extensive research and carefully select potential investment property. We have a big network of Australia’s largest developers and we access investments before they go to public release.
  • Extensive range of properties: We have an extensive range of properties which includes apartments, houses and townhouses. We recommend the best deals for our clients to ensure to set them on track of financial freedom.




  • Why should I buy property in Australia?


  • Australia has laws that favour foreign investors due to which government approval for foreign investors is simple.
  • Australia has strong and effective consumer protection legislation.
  • There is a constant shortage of housing in most capital cities.
  • Australian property prices have never fallen more than 20% in a year even through the Global Financial Crisis.
  • Australia’s responsible lending legislation and prudent economic management reduce the risk of asset price fluctuation.
  • Property investment is a low-risk profitable investment.
  • In 2009, Australia was ranked the second most politically stable country in the world.
  • Property prices in Australia double on an average every 7-10 years.


  • Have you got future plans of immigrating to Australia?


  • If you have a plan of immigrating to Australia at some stage, then buying a property prior to arrival is beneficial.
  • You can acquire a property at today’s price rather than the escalated value of property which would be upon your arrival in Australia. Your property will give you a strong financial platform while settling down in Australia.
  • Your property will also help you in tax return planning. It will reduce the amount of taxes that you would be paying when you become an Australian resident.
  • If you are planning to opt for business immigration in future, your property which you have purchased might give you some advantage in the business immigration process.


For more information:

Australian Government – Australian Trade Commission – Why Australia?

Australian Government – Australian Trade Commission – Guide to Investing in Australia?

Australian Government – Foreign Investment Review Board – Real Estate




  • Can I really buy a property using my Super?

The answer is yes! It is possible to purchase investment property using your super. We have properties suitable for this particular purpose. We request our clients to seek advice from a qualified professional (financial consultant or accountant) regarding their personal situation before opting for this step.





  • Benefits of this strategy:


  • SMSF assets are secure as the lender does not have recourse to your SMSF assets.
  • Even if the property have not been paid off, your SMSF receives all income and capital growth.
  • Your SMSF can use income generated from the property to pay off the mortgage.
  • If you decide not to continue SMSF, you are free to quit anytime. The funds will receive the residual value after the loan is repaid.
  • Loan interest can be claimed as a tax deduction by the SMSF and it will potentially reduce the SMSF’s tax liability.
  • SMSF is able to acquire property which is worth more than its available funds through multiple instalments over the long term.



  • Things that have to be considered:


  • Your SMSF must allow borrowing under instalment arrangement.
  • Your instalment must meet certain criteria to ensure that the SMSF remains complying.
  • Risk, return, diversification and loan interest rates have to be taken into consideration while taking this step.
  • The investment must be consistent with SMSF’s investment strategy.
  • You must act in best interest of SMSF beneficiaries as a trustee.
  • It is highly recommended to consult qualified professional (finance consultant or accountant).



  • We offer free property education to our clients and assist them to achieve their long-term wealth creation goals through clever property investing.
  • Our objective is to find the best solution for our clients to help them find the property that they have always dreamed of.
  • For each property we sell, we take the care to make sure it is low maintenance, modern and durable and best suited to our client’s requirements.
  • We offer our client turnkey packages and help them to find out what suits their financial situation.
  • It doesn’t matter if our client is a first home buyer, investor or experienced property developer, we look forward to helping our client realise their own unique Australian Dream.
  • Our master plan for successful property investment is backed by extensive research and in-depth understanding of Australia’s current and emerging property trends.
  • We believe that there is a science involved in knowing not only how to invest, but when and where to invest.
  • We stay ahead of all the trends in the property market. We do this by combining our professional research analysis with information that we collect about market fluctuations, property trends, property growth factors and population growth data.
  • We also consider aspects of risk management and the return on investment to properly structure client’s finance to ensure their investment performs at its best.
  • Our aim for our clients is to get the best possible returns from the investment that they purchase through us.
  • We access every development against our strictly listed criteria to ensure that the property which the client purchases through us is located in an area that shows high capital growth and high rental demand.
  • We select properties in areas with high employment rates that provides an assurance to the client of an abundance of high-quality tenants in the present moment and well into the future as well.
  • All properties that we sell meet out strictly listed criteria.



  • We provide a high level of client service which is focused on their requirements and needs.
  • We analyse the situation of each client & suggest to them ways for minimising risk & maximise tax benefits.
  • We allow our clients to choose from a list of Marketing Consultants & Mortgage Brokers.
  • We do in depth property analysis for each property.
  • We provide the best opportunity to suit our client’s budget.
  • We give our clients assurance of worry free investments.
  • We believe in trust, transparency & teamwork.
  • If our client has an existing house, they can start from as little as $1000 to build their property portfolio.
  • We have clever strategies to build our client’s property portfolio which will have very little impact on their weekly budget.
  • We have an extensive range of properties throughout Australia.
  • We will set our clients on the road to financial freedom.