Offshore Investors

  • Why should I buy property in Australia?


  • Australia has laws that favour foreign investors due to which government approval for foreign investors is simple.
  • Australia has strong and effective consumer protection legislation.
  • There is a constant shortage of housing in most capital cities.
  • Australian property prices have never fallen more than 20% in a year even through the Global Financial Crisis.
  • Australia’s responsible lending legislation and prudent economic management reduce the risk of asset price fluctuation.
  • Property investment is a low-risk profitable investment.
  • In 2009, Australia was ranked the second most politically stable country in the world.
  • Property prices in Australia double on an average every 7-10 years.


  • Have you got future plans of immigrating to Australia?


  • If you have a plan of immigrating to Australia at some stage, then buying a property prior to arrival is beneficial.
  • You can acquire a property at today’s price rather than the escalated value of property which would be upon your arrival in Australia. Your property will give you a strong financial platform while settling down in Australia.
  • Your property will also help you in tax return planning. It will reduce the amount of taxes that you would be paying when you become an Australian resident.
  • If you are planning to opt for business immigration in future, your property which you have purchased might give you some advantage in the business immigration process.


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