Why Invest in New South Wales?

  • NSW is a regional hub for financial and banking services & information and communications technology.
  • NSW Government is focussed on making it a preferred place for doing business in an increasingly globalised and competitive environment by developing an NSW Economic Development Framework. Government assists businesses large and small through every stage of their development process.
  • NSW Economic Development Framework comprises of demonstrating leadership, make it easier to do business, collaborate to drive innovation & competitiveness, investing in critical infrastructure and raising the global profile of NSW.
  • Investors in NSW are able to take advantage of a number of business and lifestyle opportunities across the state’s cities and regional urban centres.
  • Sydney is Australia’s largest city and it is recognised as world leader in professional and financial services, information and communication technology & arts and creative industries.
  • Sydney has world class business and technology parks, educational institutions and a thriving central business district. It is home to Australian Securities Exchange and has the largest number of regional headquarters for multinational companies.
  • NSW Trade & Investment offers a range of services to assist potential investors in regional NSW.
  • NSW offers businesses a highly skilled and educated workforce which includes 53% of the working-age population holding tertiary qualifications.
  • NSW is supposed to be Australia’s largest economy with its epicentre of its manufacturing base. It takes pride in a rich diversity of industries, a strong research and innovation culture.
  • Tourism is a major economy driver in NSW with popular destinations for international visitors & state’s universities, schools & colleges offer education to about 200,000 international students from over 160 countries.


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