Why Invest in Northern Territory?

  • The Northern Territory has a significant number of advantages that makes it an attractive place for investment.
  • The Northern Territory’s capital Darwin is the closest Australian capital city to Asia which provides the shortest route to trade between the Asian economies and Australia.
  • There are mineral and energy resource precincts onshore & inshore in the NT, many of which have been commercialised with significant investments from foreign partners.
  • Natural gas and petroleum export constitute an important growing sector of the NT economy.
  • A large portion of the NT environment is undeveloped and there is a good scope of driving commercial benefits from native flora and fauna, food and medicine which are untapped.
  • The NT is a friendly place with a multicultural population, also, it has a high skilled multilingual workforce that has migrated to NT from across the world.
  • The NT is an open place, it has space to grown and also a capacity to accommodate key infrastructure additions such as roads, ports and suburbs with lesser constraints as compared to other populated areas of Australia.
  • Investment opportunities in the NT are agribusiness, energy, infrastructure, manufacturing, mining, property development, service industry and tourism.


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