Why Invest in Queensland?

  • Queensland State offers a plenty of favourable conditions to business such as a stable economy, supportive government demonstrating solid growth forecast, low operating costs, highly skilled workforce and strategic Asia-Pacific location.
  • Queensland business owners and investors get the privilege of most competitive payroll tax regime in Australia including tax breaks for employers of apprentices and trainees.
  • Economic growth in Queensland is expected to boost to 4.5% in next couple of year which surpasses all other states. International export has been the main contribution to growth, around 75% of Queensland’s international export were to Asia and the main markets are China, Japan, India and South Korea.
  • Strategic areas of land have been developed by Queensland Government which are called state development areas (SDAs) for promoting economic development, building wealth and generating jobs. These SDAs are close to ports, rail and major road network. They are accessible for large-scale industrial development and complementary infrastructure.
  • Queensland offers businesses or investments; low business taxes, economical commercial and industrial property costs, competitive utility costs, low office rental costs, and low workers’ compensation premiums.
  • Queensland offers businesses a highly skilled & motivated workforce. A major attraction for the local and overseas workforce is the arousing lifestyle and low cost of living. Factors attracting people are efficient public transport, affordable housing, world-class education and advanced health systems.
  • Queensland Government is continuously upgrading infrastructure both hard (includes roads and energy networks) and soft (includes research and development & innovation). This is a major contribution towards the growth of knowledge-based economy of Queensland.
  • World Bank has recognised Queensland as a global innovation hot spot. Ongoing innovative research and development (R&D) efforts in Queensland are Bioenergy Research Pty Ltd (BER), Boeing Research and Technology Australia, Centre for Advanced Materials Processing and Manufacturing (AMPAM), Eco-kinetics & MBD Energy Ltd.
  • Queensland has people visiting and migrating from other parts of Australia and most countries of the world. It’s multicultural & vibrant environment attracts people. Also, Queensland receives more than 300 days of sunshine a year.


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