Why Invest in Tasmania?

  • Tasmania’s strong enterprise culture offers businesses: low labour costs, a stable workforce, excellent industrial relations, lowland and accommodation costs & low licensing cost.
  • Tasmania is also most affordable place to do business in Australia due to lowest aggregate land and accommodation cost, lowest business licensing cost and lowest tax burden.
  • Tasmania has strong trade links with South East Asia and close proximity to China and India. It is also a hub for Antarctic, sub-Antarctic and Southern Ocean logistic network.
  • Tasmania’s future is driven by innovation. Research in science includes temperate marine systems, the Antarctic, agriculture, aquaculture, renewable energy and population genetics. Tasmania offers extensive research capacities for a business with industry, government and the university through many different partnerships and innovation clusters.
  • Tasmania’s infrastructure supports business growth and guarantees smooth operation of business. Infrastructure includes highly developed transport system, secure energy supply, large-scale irrigation projects and designated industrial areas.
  • Tasmania has a rich renewable energy base which is largely untapped. The base includes wind power, bio-energy, geothermal energy and marine energy. It has significant investment opportunities. Presently, 90 percent of Tasmania’s energy is generated from clean, renewable sources such as hydro and wind energy.
  • Tasmania offers investment opportunities in advanced manufacturing, Antarctic and Southern Ocean, digital services and information technology, food and agriculture, forestry, international education, mining and mineral processing, science and research and tourism.
  • Tasmania offers a high quality of life with a beautiful and unspoilt environment, soft adventure opportunities, affordable high-quality education and world-class health care system. Tasmania also offers breathtaking scenery, historical adventure, boutique wineries and premium food.


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