Why Invest in Western Australia?

  • Western Australia specialises in mining, petroleum and agriculture, it has an export-oriented economy.
  • Western Australia has turned into a favourite destination for global companies who are forging the future of mining. This has been as a result of a sudden increase in resource and energy commodity investment and production as well.
  • Western Australia’s geographical location which is close to Asia and common time zone with Asian countries makes it an easy choice for supplying commodities to those markets.
  • A lot of global finance, business, legal, aviation, transport and logistic firms are being attracted by oil and gas developments which are supported by more than 400 international companies.
  • Research and development in mining equipment, technology and services have supported by the expansion of iron ore as a result of which new mining techniques such as remote control mining has been implemented in Western Australia.
  • Export infrastructure is being developed by major companies and the Western Australian government. The government is also investing in developing urban and regional infrastructure.
  • Western Australia’s Department of State Development has a network of overseas business offices and the department offers free and confidential services to foreign investors.
  • Perth is Australia’s closest and easily accessible capital city to the world’s best economic growth areas. Perth has evolved into a major hub for air, freight and logistics. It is evolved from an isolated city to Australia’s fastest growing capital city. It has the privilege of short travel time to key markets in Africa, the Middle East, Europe, the United Kingdom and most Asian markets.
  • Perth has been ranked as 9th most liveable city in the world in Global Liveability Ranking by the Economist Intelligence Unit. Its healthcare system has been ranked as ideal.

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